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As residents of the Parry Sound area, we know first hand how amazing it is to Work, Live and Play here. For more information on moving to Parry Sound or investing please visit the area Regional Economic Development website, investwps.com.

Our community provides a diversity of living that is not experienced in many places. Summers (July and August) are busy, as our population swells with visitors flocking to the cottage, or to spend their precious holiday time in our amazing part of the country. These visitors come from all over the world, creating a wonderfully broad range of nationalities and traditions. Once school starts again in September, our summer guests start to wain off, but the beauty of the area is still with us. September is often an ideal month for spending time at the beach, or enjoying nature with family. By the time winter rolls around, the community has reverted to mainly permanent residents only. The area has a great sense of community, that is very infectious!

Don’t just take it from us though, below we have a story from Chad Fraser, who has re-located his freelance copywriting business to Parry Sound and become a permanent cottager.

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